Both residents and non-residents of Western Springs are eligable to become members of the WSSC.



You are considered a new member if this is your first year joining the Western Springs Service Club or if your previous membership has lapsed by two or more consecutive summers.  As a new member, you are subject to a Capital Improvement Assessment.

For the 2019 season ALL new non-resident memberships will be added from our existing wait list. As we receive our returning memberships, we will begin to add new non-resident memberships from our wait list. If you are not already on our wait list you can be sign up to be on our waitlist via Google Docs. 


All new members are subject to pay a one time (see restrictions below) fee for the improvement of the pools and facilities.

The CIA is a one time fee paid the first year of a new membership. If a member takes off 2 or more consecutive summers they will then be considered a new member and pay the CIA again.


New members will be required to show birth certificates for children under the age of 18 and may be required to show residency by ID for children over the age of 18.  Children over the age of 18 on the account may be asked to show ID to verify residence at address listed on the membership.


You are considered a returning member if you had a membership the prior summer and/or two summers prior.  (You are allowed a one summer lapse.)  If two years have lapsed since your last membership, you are considered a New Member and are subject to the CIA described above. Any additions or changes to your account may require additional documentation. 




You reside within the village limits of Western Springs.  You will be required to show proof of Western Springs residency in the form of a government ID, ie Illinois driver’s license or state ID card, vehicle registration, voter registration ID card.


You reside outside the village limits of Western Springs.  The board reserves the right to limit the number of NEW non-resident memberships each year, generally 20 New non-residents per year. As a non-resident you must join our waitlist to be considered.



The member must be at least 12 years old as of January 1 of the year of the membership.


This is for immediate family members including kids up the age of 25 who all reside in the residence listed. Any extended family that may be listed must be able to show this is their legal, permanent address via their Illinois driver’s license, state ID, vehicle registration or voter registration card.


This a discounted individual membership for anyone over the age of 60.


 This is the best option for an adult couple in the same residence who either have no kids, kids have grown and left the home, or the kids are no longer interested in coming to the pool to make it worth the expense of a Family Membership. Please note:  this is NOT an option for one parent/one child nor a 2-child membership; it must be two adults living at the same residence.




WSSC allows for member families to purchase a “Nanny Pass” for $100 under the following conditions:

  • The nanny is considered a GUEST of the pool.

  • The nanny shall accompany members children to the Club in the absence of the member parents at any time the Club is open (not by themselves).

  • This pass is not transferable.

  • Nanny must be 16 years of age or older.


With each paid membership, you receive a complimentary six daily guest pass.  This is a non-transferrable pass.  Additional six visit guest passes may be purchased for $60, or individual guest passes purchased at $15.  All guest passes will be credited to your account and be monitored online through your member account. All guest passes purchased will expire at the end of the season.

  • A pool member must be present with the guest at check-in and remain with their guest.  Guests are not allowed to stay at the pool once the member leaves.

  • Children under the age of 2 will not count as a guest.  All other guests entering the pool deck area count as a guest whether they will be swimming or not.