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Private lessons offer one-on-one instruction with an experienced swim instructor to get your swimmer swimming the way you want.

Available for ages four and up, and open to everyone from beginners to advanced swimmers. To sign up for private lessons, directly contact a swim instructor of your choice.  Instructors, along with their contact information are listed below.

Rate: Starts at $15/per swimmer/per half hour. Instructors take checks or cash. Payment must be given at the end of each session.

Private Lessons1
2022 Private Instructors
Molly Hill

I am 17 years old and am going to be a Senior at Lyons Township High School. I was on a competitive swim team for 8 years and also nanny a bunch of my neighbors who live around the community. I would be able to teach toddlers certain strokes, floating, and more. Thank you!



Ellie Baum

Hi my name is Ellie Baum and I am going to be a Junior at LT. I have been a swimmer on Lyons Aquatics Club for 8 years, I swam at WSSC Waves for 7 years and I am a member of the LT Girls Varsity Swim Team. This is my second year as a lifeguard and I taught swim lessons at WSSC last year. I have been teaching the Learn to Swim lessons for the past year through Lyons Aquatics. I can teach any age level and all strokes and skills that are necessary.



Ryan Whelton

Hi! I’m 18 years old and going to be a freshman at u of i. I have been a lifeguard at the WSSC for 3 years and a swim lesson instructor for 2. I swim competitively year round for LT and Lyons Aquatics, and I was a coach for the yellow team at Lyons where I would do everything from working one-on-one with swimmers to leading the entire team. I can work with all ages on any skill, and I look forward to working with your child this summer!



Libby Langan

My name is Libby Langan. I will be a junior at LT this fall. I have been a competitive swimmer since I was 8 years old. I was on the LTHS swim team this past year and swim year round on Lyons Aquatics. I am also a coach on the WSSC swim team. I really enjoy working with children, and cant wait to have a great summer!

CONTACT        708-773-3813

Ava Wright

My name is Ava Wright, and I am going to be a senior at LT. I have been swimming ever since I was five through Lyons Aquatics and have continued to swim and play water polo for LT. I also have taught lessons at Max Aquatics. I’ve spent many years babysitting my siblings, cousins, neighbors, and various families, and love teaching kids to swim. I am comfortable with all ages and skill levels, I am also fully vaccinated!



Katie O'Malley

Hi my name is Katie O’Malley and this will be my second summer working at the western springs pool. I’ve belonged to the pool for as long as i can remember and I'm glad I can be apart of the staff as I am now a senior in high school at LTHS. I am used to working with younger kids from babysitting and doing private swim lessons last summer with all different ages!! I’ve taught from kicking with back boards to improving different strokes with older kids.



Ella Jean Kelly

My name is Ella Jean and I am 15 years old. I will be a sophomore at Lyons Township in the fall. I have been swimming since I was 7, starting at WSSC Waves and swim lessons. Now, I’ve moved up to FMC Aquatics club all year-round. I am a certified lifeguard at WSSC. I can teach your children the strokes, easy ways to tread water, and how to feel more comfortable in the water. I will try to gain their trust and have fun at the same time.



Emily Claesson

Hi! My names Emily Claesson, and I will be a freshman at Virginia Tech in the fall, where I'm committed to swim. I've swam for 11 years, lifeguarded for 4, and coached for lyons aquatics. This past year I swam at the Olympic trials, am a Virginia state champion, and hold records at Lyons township. With my experience, I am able to teach lessons to all ages and ability level: from becoming comfortable in the water to technique work. I am very familiar with water safety and would love to provide lessons this summer!

Brady Bourjaily

Over the past several years, I've helped run multiple youth sports camps for soccer and basketball.  I've taken that passion for combining athletics with guided coaching to swim lessons.  This season, I've taught group swim lessons at the pool and become adept at keeping my students engaged and learning.  I would love to provide private swim lessons if you are looking for individual, curated guidance for your child.



Becky Phillips

Hi, I’m Becky Phillips, I attend LTHS and am gonna be a senior there. I am on the LT swim team and have been competitively swimming for around 10 years. Last year I taught WSSC swim lessons along with privates, and during this school year I taught lessons with Lyons Aquatics. This summer I am working as an assistant manager and lifeguard at the pool and also enjoy working with kids. I can teach all ages and swim abilities but would probably prefer to teach slightly higher level swimmers looking to improve strokes or specific skills. Looking forward to a great summer!



Ethan Baum

I am 18 years old and I will be going into my freshman year of college. I have been swimming since I was 6 years old, and I am on the varsity team for LT Boys Swim and Dive. I also swim year round on Lyons Aquatics. I taught private lessons at the WSSC last year and I am looking forward to continue teaching all age groups weather it be their first time in the water or if they are more experienced and want to work on more specific skills.



Kennedy Wanless

My name is Kennedy Wanless and I am going to be a junior at LTHS. I started swimming for Waves when I was 5 and I am a coach this summer. I have lots of experience with little kids from babysitting to coaching and I’m good with teaching basic skills and strokes. I’m looking forward to a great summer of swim. 



Isa Byczek

Hi! I’m currently going into my sophomore year at Texas Christian University and I am super excited to be home for the summer. I swam competitively for Lyons Aquatics from ages 6-18, along with representing Nazareth Academy at IHSA sectionals throughout high school. This is my 3rd year lifeguarding and giving private lessons at WSSC. I have worked with kids ages 1-12 and can teach basic swimming skills and some more advanced strokes.



Marykate Klehm

Hi! My name is Marykate Klehm. I am 17 years old and will be a senior at Lyons Township. This is my second year teaching private swim lessons, group swim lessons, and lifeguarding. I teach kids anywhere from toddler-10. I can teach anything from the basic four strokes to basic water safety and skills. I have been babysitting kids since I was 11, and have taught my younger cousins how to swim as well. I have been swimming since I was toddler, and have loved doing it ever since.



Malia Fink

Hi! My name is Malia Fink and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at LT this is my first year teaching swim lessons and my second year as a lifeguard. I have been swimming since I was very little and was on a swim team when I was younger. I can teach kids who are ages 2-10 and have worked a lot with children through babysitting. I teach basic skills and safety along with helping kids learn swim strokes.



John Dold

Hello my name is John Dold and I am entering my sophomore year at Auburn University. This is my 4th year lifeguarding and my 3rd year at the WSSC. I dove for four years at LTHS and can teach most any stroke or skill, however, I am not great at teaching butterfly. If you are interested in me teaching your children lessons feel free to reach out to either my email or phone number listed above. Thank you!



Maggie Adler

Hi! My name is Maggie Adler and I am a senior at LT. I have been swimming for 10 years and am a high school swimmer for LT and Lyons Aquatics. I teach all techniques and strokes for all ages.



Lilly Dienes

I am 16 years old and I go to Lyons Township High school. I have worked with kids by teaching dance classes and babysitting for several years. I can teach diving, treading water, basic swim skills, floating on back, several different strokes and making sure your child feels more comfortable in the water. I myself am a lifeguard here at the western springs pool and I am a very safe and experienced swimmer.



Thomas Heit

I’m Thomas Heit, I’m 15 years old and I will be a sophomore at Fenwick High School this fall. I have been swimming competitively for 9 years, and also playing waterpolo. I have coached for Lyons Aquatics learn to swim program as well as private lessons. I am comfortable teaching kids with many different skill sets, wether it’s learning how to be comfortable in water to stroke technique. I enjoy working with kids and watching them improve, I look forward to giving your child lessons!



Ellie Cushing

Hi! My name is Ellie and I will be a junior at LT. I have been swimming for Lyons swim club since I was 8 years old. I have been babysitting for kids for several years. I love working with kids and think that learning to swim should be a fun experience. The more fun I make lessons, the more the kids are engaged and don’t even realize how much they are learning! Hope to see you at the pool!



Graeme Gantt

Hello, my name is Graeme Gantt. I am 18 years old and I am going into my freshman year of college. I have been swimming since I was 5 years old and have been around water pretty much my whole life. I am currently one of the coaches for the waves swim team and love teaching kids how to swim. I work with kids of all ages and skill levels and can teach all strokes and many basic skills.



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